GSU Training Day

Abi Johnston of the Scottish Kettlebell Club is running a training day in hosted by Box Bell Fit Training in Wokingham on the 22nd of June.

What will we cover?
Focus will be on the three sport lifts: Jerk, Snatch and Long Cycle.

- Individual technique analysis and coaching
- Specific warm up and mobility drills
- Breakdown of the lift
- Special exercises to help each component
- Handle preparation and chalking techniques
- General assistance exercises (GPP) to accompany your kettlebell training

£65 (£50 for GSU Members)

Achievements and Personal Bests
Abigail is a UK and World Record holder and Master of Sport ranked athlete in all three lifts. She is also a coach with the Scottish Kettlebell Club, whose athletes have also achieved great results both in training and competition.

24kg - 151
20kg - 217
16kg - 275 (10mins), and 420 (20mins)

24kg - 163
20kg - 204

Long Cycle
24kg - 130
20kg - 148


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