Sunday, 2 March 2014

Scottish Championships 2014

Some of the clubs that attended the 2014 GSU Scottish Championships! Teams from 27 clubs competed, plus many independent athletes. Clubs included:

  • Aberdeen Kettlebell Club
  • Berlin Kettle Bears
  • Box Bell Fit Training
  • Brighton Girevoy Sport Club
  • Dynamo Kettlebells
  • Edinburgh Kettlebell Club
  • Essex Girevik
  • Hull Kettlebell Club
  • Kettlebell Nottingham
  • Kilkenny Kettlebell Club
  • London Kettlebell club
  • Cornwall / Lostwithiel kettlebell Club
  • Manchester Kettlebell Club
  • Milton Keynes Kettlebell Club
  • MK:KB
  • Moi Fa
  • Momentum Kettlebells
  • Scala Kettlebell club
  • Scottish Kettlebell Club
  • Stirling Kettlebell Club
  • Supreme Training
  • Thors Hammer kettlebell Club
  • Tu Nova
  • Yorkshire kettlebell club

Sunday, 29 September 2013


IKSFA and the Scottish Kettlebell Club Announce Long Term Strategic Partnership and the Opening of IKSFA Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Athletes Training Facility

Building on professionalism, experience and reputation held by the International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy (IKSFA, USA) the leading company providing education and training for Kettlebell Sport & Fitness professionals and enthusiasts Worldwide, IKSFA (USA) and The Scottish Kettlebell Club (Scotland, UK) announce that the two organizations are entering into a long-term partnership to help promote Kettlebell Sport & Fitness and bring more events to Scotland and UK.

IKSFA and Scottish Kettlebell Club will partner to promote and support Kettlebell Sport and Fitness development in Scotland and the United Kingdom.

They will also work together to attract international, national, regional championships, tournaments, festivals, training camps, conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions and other special Kettlebell Sport & Fitness events.

Our goal is not only to announce a comprehensive new partnership between IKSFA and Scottish Kettlebell Club but to showcase the people, organizations and facilities that are making Kettlebell Sport happen in a big way in Scotland and the UK .

The two organizations plan to create a co-branded (IKSFA,SKC,GSU) sport hosting initiative promoting the myriad benefits of staging events in UK in general and Scotland in particular.

IKSFA will apply their knowledge, expertise and experience, to the partnership with Scottish Kettlebell Club/GSU and to its working relationships with all UK Kettlebell Sport organizations and the UK Kettlebell Sport & Fitness community to continue on the path towards making the UK one of the most dynamic hubs for Kettlebell Sport & Fitness world class events hosting and, ultimately, Kettlebell Sport National Team development.

We are proud to announce that IKSFA, the leader of Kettlebell Sport & Fitness education and training Worldwide will be celebrating the GRAND OPENING of the 4th of IKSFA Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Athletes Training Facility (1st in Europe) in Hillington Park Gym, 22 Earl Haig Road, G52 4JU Glasgow, United Kingdom at the Scottish Kettlebell Club on February 7-10, 2014.

The schedule of the Grand Opening:
February 7 – IKSFA/AKA/IUKL/GSU* Judging Certification
February 8– GSU Scottish Open Kettlebell Championship
February 9-10 – IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Coach Level 2 Certification

IKSFA and Scottish Kettlebell Club/GSU will support any Kettlebell Sport & Fitness local and regional organizations and groups in their efforts to achieve their goals and highest potential.

The aim is to team up on a shared vision for bringing seminars, tournaments, training camps, exhibitions, conferences, festivals and other special events to Scotland and UK.

Founded in 2009 IKSFA is the leading provider of Kettlebell Sport & Fitness certifications based on experience, expertise and the best scientific methods of preparation and training of Kettlebell Sport & Fitness professionals Worldwide.
IKSFA Kettlebell Sport& Fitness Training Facility
To support UK and International Kettlebell Sport athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence and to promote the high standard of education establishing platinum standard for Kettlebell sport and fitness professionals and enthusiasts Worldwide.
• The IKSFA Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Training Facility
Will organize and conduct multiple Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Events of all levels including local, regional, national and international Championships. These events will be equipped with the best training, teaching, products, and equipment to provide the highest standard possible.
• The IKSFA Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Training Facility
Will create an unparalleled experience while working directly with the best resources possible and hand-picked IKSFA Coaches and nationally Ranked athletes.
• The IKSFA Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Training Facility
Will become a home base for Scottish GSU Kettlebell Sport National Team during preparation to national and major international events. Our Center is committed to supporting athletes by providing cutting-edge information and training opportunities to contribute expertise necessary to direct Scottish Kettlebell Sport National Team athletes to national and international success

The Scottish Kettlebell Club is the girevoy sport club based out of Glasgow, Scotland. The club provides training and support for athletes in both kettlebell sport & fitness and is headed by UK and World record holders Scott McLaughlin & Abigail Johnston. Scott & Abi started competing in kettlebell sport in February of 2012 and have quickly risen to competing at professional level (Scott-32kg and Abi-24kg) both domestically & internationally, as well as coaching others to a CMS and MS level.

The GSU (Girevoy Sports Union) is a not-for-profit members association open to athletes, coaches and clubs from all associations, federations and countries whose mission is to inspire, teach and enable people to compete in kettlebell sport with the sole purpose of increasing awareness and understanding of the sport.

IKSFA Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Athletes Training Facility will be located at Scottish Kettlebell Club:
Hillington Park Gym, 22 Earl Haig Road, G52 4JU Glasgow, United Kingdom

Scottish Kettlebell Club Owners: Scott McLaughlin/Abi Johnston
IKSFA President: Sergey Rudnev
IKSFA CEO: Aleksandr Khasin

Friday, 13 September 2013

Registration Open!

Registration is now open for the 2014 GSU Scottish Open Championships (part of the Four Nations Tournament). Fill out the form here to register, any questions just get in touch!

The Scottish Open Championships will take place on Saturday 8th February 2014. Last year’s event saw over 70 athletes in attendance from over 20 clubs spanning 7 countries, hopefully we can make it even bigger this year!

The championships are held in association with Girevoy Sport Union of UK and Ireland (GSU), entry is open to all, members and non-members alike. For members this competition is the Scottish leg of the Four Nations Tournament.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Friday, 23 August 2013

Class Times

Just a reminder of the classes we have at Scottish Kettlebell Club:

Kettlebell Fitness:
Tuesdays & Thursdays 7.15-7.45am (Cost: £3)
Wednesday 5.15-5.45pm (Cost: £3)
Short but sharp fitness training using kettlebells for maximum results. Morning classes for a perfect pre-work day workout. Showers are available at the gym for those heading straight to work!

Kettlebell Sport:

Tuesday 6-7.30pm (Cost: £5 or £25 for 6 week block)
Thursdays 10-11 am (Cost: £4)
Thursday 6-7pm (Cost: £4)
Open to all whether you want to compete in kettlebell sport or simply do kettlebells for fitness, weight loss or athletic performance. Sessions focus on the main sports lifts along with assistance work, mobility and flexibility development.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Scottish Championship Date Announced!

The GSU Scottish Open Championships will take place on Saturday 8th February 2014. This year's event was a great success and we hope to build on that by making it bigger and better next year!

Full event details and registration information (as it becomes available) can be found on the event page here. Keep up to date with all event information on our facebook page too.